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As a modernised business, RAK International Corporate Centre seeks to operate to the highest standards from a regulatory and a customer service perspective. In rapidly changing business environment RAKICC seeks to deliver services as efficiently as possible, maximising potentials in a secure environment, and providing opportunities presented by new technologies. In January 2017 RAKICC has launched its final version of the portal for all registered agents. The portal has been adapted, and all registered agents have went through one-day introduction program in Ras Al Khaimah.


All services provided to the registered agents will be through a newly developed online portal. The online portal for RAKICC has been created in the most user-friendly manner, which precisely reflects the way of work with the Registry. All applications for new incorporations, name check, amendments, liquidations, and other related requests can be made securely through the online portal. Moreover, the draft of the documents will be available online. Once the Memorandum and Articles of Association are issued online, the registered agent can print and get signatures. Then the e-version will be uploaded for the approval. Once approved, the originals will be sent to the Registry for incorporation. However, the timeframe has not been announced yet that makes the incorporation process a bit uncertain. The timeline will be announced in the shortest period.


To ensure that the portal will function smoothly, the Registry put a presentation and training on the working of the portal during the workshop for all registered agents. Currently, all registered agents can access the portal to make requests. As there is a transition between the portal launch and the normal requests procedure, some agents might experience short delays. However, once the portal is in use, it will enhance the productivity of both the Registry and the registered agent.


For the new company and name check, the registered agent has an agent code to create a company record and access the services. For the existing RAKICC companies, all registered agents will receive separate emails with the user name and password to make the new requests. Once the details are received, the agent must change the password for every company. Although there was doubt on the necessity of usernames and passwords for all companies, this has been made for the privacy and confidentiality purposes. Indeed, from the perspective of the services provision and privacy, this is a good sign of improvement. Some registries do not prefer holding a portal; some have portals with one username and password for an agent only giving the access for all companies registered with an agent. It does not mean that the registry is an old style or the information is not secured enough, but having every record separately increases the level of access even for the agents themselves. Hence, this ensures security measures for all companies registered with the Registry.


For the companies registered with RAK Offshore and RAFTZ Offshore, the record will be issued in April 2017. For now, all requests will be in the same order.


The new portal and recent changes in RAKICC represent a significant technology investment in the business to reflect their commitment to delivering an efficient customer focused service. This will, in turn, improve the services offered to the companies registered with the agents.



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