Why should Information Technology companies move to Dubai?

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We use technology everywhere. Six years ago, people just started using WhatsApp and the modern mobile applications. IPhone indeed had a huge impact on our lives. The 3G, now 4G is everywhere, and people access information even from the aeroplanes.  Hence, internet and technology have broken the line between business life, casual activities, leisure time, and family time unless we manage it properly.

However, certainly, there are more benefits. It is not solely about accessing the information but involving in the processes of the business from anywhere. Is it just the world web enabling us to enjoy doing the business? To some extent yes, we are using the internet for anything and almost every minute. But, is this enough to put your business to another level? Is this sufficient to manage the finances, the marketing, and the employees? We would say that this is not enough at all. Especially, if you are running a company in the IT industry and here is why.

It is important to have the right place to start the company. You can easily start it in your home country, as you probably have your business plan with the target audience or specific products/services for your customer. In this case, you should be managing your company right at the place to fix all the internal processes and make sure you can see your employees.

Later, you can start doing the business remotely, as you might have the managers who will be dealing with the things that you were managing yourself. No matter, whether you just started your business or planning to grow, there is always a possibility to expand your audience or at least to manage your finances wisely by registering an International Company. This can be done with RAKICC Company/Ajman IBC and the bank account in Dubai. IT company is the one that may deal with international providers and customers, so getting a reputable bank account is essential. Hence, in this scenario, you can easily register a company in one of the well-known jurisdictions with the address in Dubai and the bank account in Dubai to invoice your clients anywhere in the world. Managing your finances and receiving funds from either your partners or customers will be much easier with a reliable bank in Dubai. Hence, an IT company that strives to go on an international level can easily start with the international company either in Ras Al Khaimah or Ajman. 

However, this type of registration such as International Company (IBC/Offshore) will not allow you to provide services in Dubai.

In case you see the potential to relocate your IT business and expand your network, you should consider Dubai. Why Dubai? It can be any jurisdiction, even your home country. However, Dubai will be the most feasible option, as Dubai market is growing and has one of the prosperous bases for IT companies. The new study has shown that Dubai has remained the most favoured city as the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regional headquarters for the world’s largest 500 companies. The leading IT companies are also choosing Dubai to relocate their offices or continuing their business in the hub.  With the high demand for IT services, IT market is blooming at the fastest speed. Hence, now it is the right time for SMEs to find a place in Dubai’s industry.  It is not that occupied and at the same time, the market is at healthy and competitive level. 

For sure, you might assume that since we are focusing on the registering companies in the UAE, we are marketing our services. That is true with any company. However, we place our company as giving the advice based our research, observations, trends, and most importantly the experience. No one can sell the product unless a person needs it. Hence, if you are interested in making your IT Company working in a more sustainable way, Dubai will be the right choice.

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