What is Citizenship?

A plethora of countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia offer citizenship and residence programs in return for donations or an investment in locally based assets spanning from real estate property, goverment bonds and local businesses. The main drive behind these schemes is to attract foreign direct investments in the country where the investment or donation is being made.

Many of these schemes offer a very fast track process ranging from 3 months to 15 months without the need for the investor to physically reside in the country where he has invested.

How can one benefit from having a Second Passport then?

The recent turmoil in the Middle East, the exit of Britain from the European union, the Syrian refugee crisis  and many other international events taking place enhance the need for a need for an individual to have a second citizenship. Acquiring a second passport for your family and yourself can be an attractive tool in an ever globalised world. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Visa free access to countries and travel
  • Right to work, live and stay in a country of your choice
  • Safety and security in the country of their choice for your family and yourself
  • Stability and certainty
  • Tax and estate planning tool 
  • Access to free medical care and benefits
  • A better future for your children
  • Freedom and mobility
A growing number of individuals and their families are applying for a second passport. 

What can Freemont Group offer me?

Our Citizenship and residency team can assist you in making the best choice given your situation and preferences, in which countries to apply. We will complete and file your application and deal with the authorities directly in order to streamline and expedite your application. The issue of your second citizenship however does not signal the end of our relationship. We will be able to provide you with sound advice and services that you may need in the process such as  company formation, tax advise and legal advise and compliance.
Feel free to contact us for more information or how we can provide you with a tailored solution according to your needs.

Do you wish to stay informed?

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