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Entry requirements into United Arab Emirates

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As part of our ongoing coverage of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) COVID-19 policies and regulations, Freemont Oneworld Group would like to bring to your attention regarding the following updates as of 24 November 2020.
  • Entry into the UAE
  • Residence Visa Applications
Entry into the UAE

For UAE residents,
  • If you are a Dubai residence visa holder, GDRFA approval will be required for you to reenter Dubai. You may apply for approval at this link.
  • If you are a residence visa holder from any of the other 6 emirates, and should your port of entry into the UAE be Dubai International Airport, you would also be required to obtain FAIC approval before you reenter the UAE through Dubai. You may apply for approval at this link.
For tourists,
  • Visa on arrival procedures have resumed for eligible passengers, or tourists can make arrangements for their respective tourist visit visas from the relevant authorities and or authorized counterparties.
Beyond the above steps of seeking approval prior to entry for UAE residents, all passengers now need to cross check their departing countries to determine the specifics of their requirements for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. Depending on where you are departing from, and your status as a tourist or a resident, you may either obtain a negative PCR test result taken within 96 hours of the arrival into the UAE, with the result in a printed medical test certificate; and or for a PCR test (additional second test for applicable individuals) to be taken on arrival in Dubai. For further details, please check this link.

UAE Residence Visa Applications

Per Dubai immigration authorities, Dubai has now reopened its applications for outside country entry permits. This is especially useful for clients who are looking to finalise their Dubai residence visa, and can now enter Dubai with the entry permit to complete the process, instead of the previous procedures requiring an inside-country application with visa change status procedure, saving time and money in this application process.

However, for clients who are applying for Northern Emirates-based residence visas, the outside-country application process is still on hold pending authorities’ confirmation. This means that clients can either opt to delay their residence visa applications for the time being, or to proceed with the inside-country application with visa change status procedure.

Our team at Freemont Oneworld Group will be able to assist and advise you accordingly depending on your specific circumstances.

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