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UAE is partnering with Japanese Ispace to launch a moon rover

MEDIA / Articles / 2021 / UAE is partnering with Japanese Ispace to launch a moon rover
Lunar exploration company iSpace based in Japan will transport a UAE rover to the moon in 2022. Under the agreement, iSpace said it would also provide the Emirates Lunar Mission with wired communication and power during the cruise phase and wireless communication on the moon.

iSpace, founded in 2010, aims to provide commercial transportation to the moon. The company’s ultimate business activity is to ultimately incorporate the moon into the earth’s economy and extend human presence into outer space. The 2022 launch will be iSpace’s first mission of this kind and will use a Falcon 9 rocket from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, to be launched from Florida.
The Japanese startup will also supply the lander that transports the rover from the moon's orbit to the lunar surface.
The UAE mission hopes to learn more about lunar dust, the moon's soil, and airless bodies. Different experiments performed will include the kinds of materials used in space suits or the landing systems used to put humans on the moon. The Emirates Lunar Mission is part of a wider strategy for the UAE to reach Mars by 2117. Scientists say the unmanned moon mission could be a building block towards this project.
Hazza al Mansouri became the first Emirati in space in 2019 when he flew to the International Space Station. Currently the team that will disembark on the moon are undergoing training. The UAE is using its space program to develop its scientific and technological capabilities and reduce its reliance on oil.

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