Boosting UAE trade with E-commerce in Free Zones

PUBLICATIONS / Articles / 2017 / Boosting UAE trade with E-commerce in Free Zones
E-Commerce has been a global competitive force in retail for almost 20 years. Now, there is no reason for retailers to compete with e-commerce but instead to form an e-commerce platform.
There are few major e-commerce providers in the UAE. Big e-commerce players such as helped establish e-commerce as an acceptable option for many consumers in the region, and following its acquisition by and the launch of, online sales are expected to skyrocket. The use of digital wallets by Apple and Samsung will further accelerate the uptake of consumer spending as households grow more comfortable purchasing online. UAE shoppers spent $12.4 billion (Dh45.54 billion) online in 2016. Sales are expected to reach $20 billion across the GCC by 2020.
Many people may oppose the rise of e-commerce and its accompanying transition to a digital economy, but resisting this technology only limits the growth of jobs and denies consumers the ability to find products at competitive prices. The transition to a digital economy doesn’t have to be difficult. Government oversight can both ensure consumer protection and safe financial transaction while making sure the region is not left out of this burgeoning industry.
Considering the growth of e-commerce, the decision of Dafza and the Wasl Asset Management Group on Saturday to launch a free zone, called Dubai Commerce City. For now free zone authorities are keen to provide the activity and those that provide have indeed benefited many companies in the UAE and abroad. For now, it is a good decision to register an e-commerce company in the UAE considering strong banking sector and flexible free zone regulations. 

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