Trending industry in the UAE to consider: Business Aviation

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At the moment, it is quite hard to argue that specific industries are in trend, whereas some are no in demand at all, because the market is vast and there is always a niche for any company. However, in Dubai and the UAE in general, the tempo of business is very high and needs a constant revision of strategies.  In this article, we have reviewed the significant trend coming into Dubai that is Business Aviation.


For the last decade, aviation is one of the fast-growing industries due to technological development and big players going globally with their marketing campaigns. The main contributor is globalisation as a world movement and milliards of people travelling every hour. In such a global game, business aviation is a new well-established industry that has attracted many business people around the world and no wonder in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.


There is no much difference in between general aviation and business aviation, except the purpose of the latter, which is business purpose. The industry has become popular due to a significant increase in private aircraft owners, and this is indeed in high demand in Dubai that is still welcoming players in the industry.


The companies entering the market are not only involved in the production, engineering services with solutions to operators and private business aircraft owners, but also in brokerage for those who are looking for private jets.


This year the main contribution, as well as platform, was Dubai Airshow from November 12 until November 16. The Dubai Airshow focuses on three core sectors of Aviation: Commercial, Defense and Business/General Aviation.


Aviation is indeed a big industry and compliance with regulations is one of the priorities. Complying with rules will release the private operator from the complexity and personal liability of these new rules while maintaining the flexibility of operations. UAE has already few big players that will ensure private aircraft falls within compliance. The companies are from Europe and the US. However, the industry is not occupied, and there will always be room for a right provider in Dubai.

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