UAE Immigration Amendment

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The UAE cabinet has announced that expats coming to the UAE to work will need to obtain a "good conduct and behaviour certificate" from the home country where they have legally resided over the last five years. The certificate will need to follow a specific legalisation requirement.  The document needs to be notarised by Notary Public, legalised by the relevant government body in the country of origin, and super-legalised at the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the state of origin. At the final stage of super-legalisation, the certificate needs to be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.


The amendment was introduced in Abu-Dhabi and now being a federal law will affect the UAE as a whole. Such additional requirement will affect the visa application process for all foreign national employees and employer.


The new announcement will add to the time frame of obtaining an employee visa and additional costs for new job seekers. Even though it has not been advised at which stage they will require the good conduct and behaviour certificate, it is expected that such certificate will have to be proved at the time of application. The requirement will be in effect from 4th February 2018.


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