Long-term Visas in the UAE

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The UAE government has unveiled details about the plan to provide long-term residency visas for professionals to settle in the Gulf nation-state.

The targeted demographics include investors, entrepreneurs, executives, specialists in the fields of medicine, science, or research, as well as outstanding students. 

For investors, long-term visas eligibility include 5 or 10-year residencies. An investment in a property worth AED 5 million or more is eligible for a 5-year visa; whilst an investment through deposit in an established company or partnership worth AED 10 million or more allows for a visa renewable every 10 years. Mixed investments totalling more than AED 10 million, including property that is not more than 40% of the total is also eligible for the decade-long visa. The spouse and dependents of the investor, as well as one executive director and one advisor are also qualified for the visa scheme.

The property or investment must be wholly owned, not borrowed, and proof required showing investment retention of three years minimum, and financial liability with solvency not more than AED 10 million. 

Executives meeting certain requirements are eligible for a long-term visa as well, including heads of distinguished firms; high achievers in academia, professional experience and positions.

Individuals in the science, knowledge, culture and art disciplines, including doctors, specialists, scientists and inventors, are also eligible for a 10-year visa. Spouses and dependents are also included under the visa. 
Qualification entails holding a valid employment contract in a UAE-prioritized specialized field. 

Doctors and scientists have, additionally, a minimum of two conditions met to qualify: a PhD degree from world's top 500 universities; award or certificate of appreciation for their work; contribution to major scientific research; published articles or scientific books in distinguished publications; membership of an organisation that requires excellence to qualify; PhD degree and 10-year professional experience in relevant field of work.

Lastly, five-year visas are available for outstanding students with grades of at least 95 per cent in school and minimum GPA of 3.75 on graduation from universities in the UAE and abroad.

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