Dubai Freelance Permit for Tech Professionals

PUBLICATIONS / Articles / 2018 / Dubai Freelance Permit for Tech Professionals
With growing freelance interest and technological development, Dubai free zone issues the new permit to allow freelancers in the technology sector.

The freelance permit is good for specialists – freelancers in web, software development and architecture, mobile, data science and analytics, telecommunication, technical support, customer services, and networking. 

The package provides access to various facilities of the free zone and has become an attractive option for the technology self-employed gurus. 

Ammar Al Malik, managing director, DIC and Dubai Outsource City, stated: “The technology landscape in Dubai is evolving at breath-taking speed. It is imperative that businesses keep up with the pace at which technology is now being developed and consumed. In order to stay relevant, competitive and profitable, businesses need to ensure that they operate with a flexible business model, one that embraces the concept of freelance talent”. “GoFreelance is one such solution that businesses can take advantage of to keep up with the constant demand for talent.”

Industry experts have estimated that there are about 100,000 licensed freelancers paid on a short-term contract basis.

A growing number of companies are offering flexible work schedules and the option of working from home, which has also brought down operational costs. 

The permit is beneficial for both companies sending their team members working on contract basis to Dubai and those IT freelancers working with different companies. 

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