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Chinese firm East Hope Group explores KIZAD as Middle East hub

MEDIA / Articles / 2019 / Chinese firm East Hope Group explores KIZAD as Middle East hub
After the construction of Roadbot’s project in KIZAD in early 2019, another Chinese firm, conglomerate East Hope Group is exploring the feasibility of setting up and developing a venture in KIZAD, a three-part strategy of which the first phase would include an alumina facility, followed up a red mud research centre and recycling project. The final facet of the planned development would see large-scale upstream and downstream non-ferrous metal processing facilities. 

The KIZAD authority will assist East Hope Group with feasibility studies for the setup and operational requirements of the KIZAD-based potential venture. 

The China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone, a joint development situated in Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone, (itself located within KIZAD) has already attracted 19 Chinese firms since its incorporation, and looks set to be further enticing to potential Chinese investors interesting in tapping into the market growth of the Middle East, with the UAE as the base.

Abu Dhabi is increasingly developing its stature as a business-friendly environment, an upstart rival to the more well-known neighbouring emirate of Dubai, and the rise in international Chinese firms seeking to set up base in the capital is proof of the welcoming spirit of the UAE towards international and Chinese investors. 


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