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Growing of registered licenses by business women in the UAE

MEDIA / Articles / 2019 / Growing of registered licenses by business women in the UAE
The UAE taking the sustainable business path attracts businesses from around the world. The business development results are also seen in the increasing number of women participating and actively registering businesses in the UAE. 

The total number of new registered licenses reached 20 467 licenses in 2018. The tremendous results were 248 769 business registrations on the Business Map digital platform of Dubai Economic Department in 2018. 

Women expanded their participation among new businesses to 22.2 per cent (5 543 licenses) from 12 per cent in 2017. The growing trend represents the diversity and opportunity for all business people. Moreover, the Business Map shows the national diversity with top 10 nationalities including Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Chinese, British, Saudis, Bangladeshis, Jordanians, Canadians, and Filipinos. Such diversity is the true representation of international business development and the UAE being one of the most active in internalization of businesses. 

Being a registered agent we keep registering business from around the world. The businesses are migrating from Asian, African, CIS, and European markets. The recent trend is growing number of business ventures with the shareholders from multiple countries. We enjoy witnessing companies having meetings on skype and eventually meeting at our office to register an international business. 

Among companies registered with us, about 20 per cent of companies are registered by businesswomen. We believe the progression will grow further, as the UAE keeps moving its business visions to incredible levels. The types of businesses registered by women are also astonishing. The business can be focused on biochemistry studies, cosmetics production, beauty salon, marketing, business coaching, architectural designing or international trade. We are proud to be part of the global development and such diversity. 


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