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UAE Business Confidence growth with Expo 2020

PUBLICATIONS / Articles / 2019 / UAE Business Confidence Grows in Anticipation of Expo 2020
According to HSBC’s latest study ‘Navigator: Made for the Future’, a significant portion of the respondents, 82 per cent, of UAE companies anticipate growth over the following two years, due to the complementary effects of Expo 2020 and the growth plans of existing businesses to take advantage of the expected uptick in business dealings in the country and region.

The increased business confidence puts the UAE amongst other global and growing markets that are optimistic about the future.

Per the HSBC report, most UAE businesses intend to invest heavily in the medium-term to boost growth through the upskilling of employees and investing in future-forward technologies, to remain abreast of the latest innovations in technology and to facilitate greater opportunities with the new advancements. In line with the country’s goal towards sustainability, UAE-based firms are also looking to be more efficient and eco-friendly, which has the added benefit of being beneficial in numerous ways in the long run. With the ever-rising eco-conscious young talent pool, companies are also having to change and update their cultures to be in line with the global zeitgeist.

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