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UAE Developing relations with African Businesses

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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is set to host a forum themed “Scale Up Africa” in November, encouraging and enhancing relations between businesses operating in Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The Global Business Forum serves as a bridge for African and Emirati government entities, and the private sector to facilitate and economic cooperation through trade and investment, amongst other avenues.

The high-level forum offers unheralded opportunities for the public and private sector to coalesce and work in partnership to drive growth and development in the region, facilitating two-way investment flows and allowing both parties to progress and develop together, being a part of the continent’s growth stages and contributing to the global economy.

With the UAE strategically located between Africa and the rest of the world, both geographically and economy-wise, this long-running business forum and the efforts of the Dubai Chamber with its representative offices in the region looks set to result in an ideal partnership between the two.

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