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USD 3.4 billion Chinese Investment in Dubai-based Trading Facilities

MEDIA / Articles / 2019 / USD 3.4 billion Chinese Investment in Dubai-based Trading Facilities
China plans to increase its investment in the Gulf region through an additional USD 3.4 billion earmarked for the development of two Dubai-based trading facilities, to facilitate trade between East and West, with the UAE and its strategic location an integral part of the initiative.

This is in line with the UAE's goal to be a partner in China's global Belt and Road Initiative, with the development of a "Traders Market" to store and ship Chinese products from Dubai to the world, and also wholesale and retail outlets for MENA regional and international trade through Jebel Ali. 

Another Chinese development of USD 1 billion is also attributed for a "Vegetable Basket" project for the importing, processing, packing and exporting of agricultural, marine, and animal products to the world. 
This is in line with the increase in Chinese investment in the Middle East region, as well as specifically in the UAE, an affirmation of the partnership and close cooperation between the two countries.

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