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Curacao is the largest island of the former Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, now a constituent country of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. It benefits from an efficient and reliable Dutch-influenced legal system, its prime attractiveness in an international tax planning context.
Setting up business in Curacao can be beneficial to you due to its stability, a generous 100% participation exemption, no VAT on sales to foreign customers, and a special low corporation tax of 2% for companies established in e-zones, as well as an e-gaming licensing regime.
We can offer you Curacao legal entities in the following two categories:
  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning with the Curacao SPF
  • E-commerce, internet marketing business, and other internet related businesses with a Curacao Company
Curacao Company Formation in The Economical Zone (E-Zone)
In 2001, the government of Dutch Antilles adopted a law to stimulate the economic activities on the island. This resulted in an interesting tax planning possibility for enterprises that register themselves within the E-zone and whose activities are directed to markets outside the Dutch Antilles. Enterprises that qualify for the E-zone status are, till 2026, guaranteed to pay only 2% corporate tax. In order to emphasize this rule, it has been defined by law.
This makes the Curacao Company the perfect choice for you to set up your e-marketing, e-commerce or other internet related businesses.
Curacao SPF. The Curacao Private Foundation (Stichting Particulier Fonds)
A Curacao SPF (Stichting Particulier Fonds, SPF) is an ideal vehicle for estate planning, income tax deferral and asset protection. The SPF also offers excellent confidentiality.
Curacao is a classic choice with a proven track record of fiscal rulings enabling Dutch and other European entrepreneurs significant tax savings.
Unlike a trust, the SPF is regarded by civil law jurisdictions as a legal entity in its own right. Therefore, no further subsidiary entity is needed for the purpose of holding assets, making foundations more cost efficient.
In contrast to a common foundation, a Curacao Private Foundation can make, at the discretion of its Director, distributions to its founders or to others, out of its income or its assets. And while a Curacao SPF may not perform any commercial business, holding and managing its own assets is allowed, which means you get the best of both worlds!
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