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Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs

TAX PLANNING / Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs

Tax Planning For International Entrepreneurs

An increasing number of businesses are conducting business in more than one geographical location. The entrepreneurs behind these organizations often reside in the fully taxed Western world. However, current double tax treaties and legal international company structures offer the possibility to significantly reduce taxes.

Do you have a trading company, an import / export business, an international investment company, an internet business or are you an online consultant or freelancer? You have come to the right place.
In the globalized world these tax planning structures are becoming available for small and medium sized businesses. You might not be able to achieve the same tax planning results as the big multinationals, but with our help and depending on your situation we can slice between 20% to 50% off your tax bill, and in some cases even more!

What can we do for you?

We can analyse your business and give you solid tax and legal advice on how to reduce your tax burden, based on our own extensive experience and by consulting our network of specialized tax advisers.

Based on this advice we can structure your business, and can even provide you with management, administration, provision of a virtual office, the opening of a bank account and much more!

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