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Are you living in Dubai, and in need of a Will to extend the control over your assets?
If so, we can assist you.

What is a Will?

In a nutshell, a Will is a legal document that declares where your assets are distributed after you pass away. These assets typically include real estate, money, investments, and other valuables that you own. If these assets are situated in Dubai, or the United Arab Emirates as a whole, a Dubai Will becomes important.

Why do you need a Dubai Will?

If you are an expat or have investments in Dubai it would be prudent to prepare a Will. This way, you ensure that your loved ones obtain your assets in the way you want. Why is this important?

The government of the UAE has specified that if a Will is not in place at the time you pass away, your assets will be distributed according to Sharia Law. This is a tedious and arbitrary process, with an uncertain outcome. A process, no prudent investor would want to subject his loved ones to.

The only way you can prevent this from happening, is by drafting a Will. Now, you can bequeath your valuables to your family members according to your wishes. Furthermore, the Law of your home country will apply as opposed to Sharia Law.

How can Freemont Group assist?

Our team can assist you with getting your Will drafted. Furthermore, we can provide all the ancillary services required in order to formalize your Will and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your needs.

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