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The United Arab Emirates is the top emerging-market destination for young professionals

MEDIA / Articles / 2015 / The United Arab Emirates is the top emerging-market destination for young professionals
The UAE is not only a popular destination for businesses wanting to take advantage of the business friendly environment of the country. A recent survey among 1000 twenty- to thirty year old respondents from 125 countries shows that the UAE is the most popular emerging-market destination for young professionals.

The UAE has a reputation of being very friendly to business and deservedly so. This reputation has led to a healthy economic growth and has attracted many companies wanting to take advantage of the liberal tax environment, the business-friendly rules and regulations and the professional infrastructure. This development has not gone unnoticed by young professionals all over the world looking for good career opportunities and – for that matter – putting their money into their own pockets instead of that of a government.

Respondents state that the UAE has the reputation of being a country where professional advancement is taken very seriously and that boasts a stable economy. The most important reason why young professionals are looking for career opportunities is in the UAE is to advance their career. This answer is closely followed by the company culture in the country and the training and development options that the country offers.

It’s not surprising that the UAE has such a strong attraction to young professionals from all over the world. Recent research showed that the UAE is the most popular employment destination for professionals. Professionals placed the UAE on the top of their list for employment destinations for the same reasons why young professionals choose the UAE.

A survey held under expats already living and working in the UAE shows that expats enjoy the international lifestyle of the country, the fact that it’s a safe and secure country to live in and that it’s a young and thriving environment.

The UAE has a lot  to offer to companies and professionals looking for opportunities to expand their horizons. The survey shows that this hasn’t gone unnoticed by young professionals.

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