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Ajman Offshore or Ajman IBC Formation | An Overview

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The newly launched Ajman offshore under the Ajman Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations of 2014 is getting more popular. Freemont is a registered agent of the Ajman Offshore Company.

What are the benefits of Ajman Offshore?

Asset Protection

Keeping assets in a legal entity is a good idea whether you place them into a traditional company in the home country or you place them into an offshore company. Offshore companies and assets are much more difficult to locate and can provide added protection against litigation suits.

Confidentiality and Anonymity:

As any reliable offshore jurisdiction, Ajman Offshore can provide additional anonymity and privacy to conduct business, do transactions or manage financial investments. The company directors and secretary, shareholders and beneficial owners are under a private registrar and not on any public record.


Ajman Offshore can provide with a smooth and simple process for incorporation. The documents and the requirements from the shareholders are simplified.

Tax Optimisation:

Although the company pays taxes in the country of residence/citizenship, Ajman offshore can minimise the taxes by having a domicile in the home country.
  • No requirement for the office space
  • No provision of residence visa
  • Exempt for 50 years from personal and income taxes
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Company for international business outside of UAE
  • Easy to incorporate and renew the company
  • Possibility to open a bank account at the leading banks in the UAE
  • Unrestricted flow of capital
  • The registered address will be the address of the registered agent
Possibility to purchase and own a real estate property in the UAE (subject to prior approval of the Emirate and its relevant land department)

Documents required for incorporation of an Ajman offshore or International Business Company

As a registered agent, we collect the following information and the client signs the company documents. Then it takes 2-3 working days to incorporate the company:
  1. Three proposed company names
  2. A passport(s) copy of each shareholder of the company and director
  3. An original proof of address for each shareholder (utility bill/bank reference letter/bank statement)
For a corporate shareholder, attested company documents are required.
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Board/Shareholders’ resolution
  4. Power of Attorney


Our team will definitely advise on the structuring and the required documents for an individual as well as a corporate shareholder. Certainly, every jurisdiction has its benefits; the right choice depends on your requirements.

As a registered agent of RAKICC and Ajman Offshore, we do our best to provide as much information as possible to let our clients make the right choice. One might argue that all jurisdictions are similar and there is no difference.

However, Freemont stands on the side where every choice is meaningful, especially when it comes to offshore incorporation. Send us an email to make the first step to start your international business.


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