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Re-domiciliation in UAE - by RAK ICC

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What is re-domiciliation?
Re- domiciliation means much in the way that companies can relocate or change its registered office within its same jurisdiction or move into a “new” jurisdiction. And speaking of “Corporate Re-domiciliation”, it is a process chosen by a company to change or migrate from one country to a new country under which laws it was incorporated, whilst maintaining its current legal identity and structure.

What are the major advantages?

The reason why Re- domiciliation is good choice for companies is that the option of moving to a new jurisdictions offers enterprises to enjoy the benefits of favourable tax laws at its new location and also maximise its access to giant financial and capital markets.

Why UAE should be considered as the best choice for Re- domiciliation?

United Arab Emirates has so much to offer including the fact that it is an internationally white listed jurisdiction which offers businesses, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals a great professional, growth-oriented environment that is supported by friendly business policies, world class infrastructure, range of banking facilities whilst managing the anti-money laundering and counter finance terrorism countermeasures.

It is noteworthy to mention that UAE’s world class jurisdiction with mature banking and legal system is just favourable for corporate re-domiciliation and various companies from foreign jurisdiction are considering UAE as a top choice.

RAK International Corporate Centre ("RAK ICC")


RAK ICC has a wide accessibility to a broad range of UAE Double Tax Treaty Network – elaborate. RAK ICC offers ease when it comes to opening bank accounts locally and internationally followed by the free availability of USD and the UAE Dirhams pegged to USD.

RAK ICC facilitates companies formed in other countries to migrate in UAE with ease. RAK ICC Regulations offers flexibility in the structure of a company which are limited by shares, company limited by guarantee either authorized or not authorized to issue shares, and unlimited company authorised to issues shares and segregated Portfolio Company.

The prime reasons to join RAK ICC are:
  • Corporate tax exemption
  • Profit repatriation
  • Absence of foreign exchange control
  • Absence of Capital Gains Tax
  • Access to 92 DTAA
  • Investment promotion & Protection Agreements
  • Efficient and qualified professionals
  • Filing of audited financials not required
  • Maintaining confidentiality of corporate registers
  • Fast share transfer
  • Company incorporation within the 5-7 working days
  • Adherence to legal framework for AML /CFT countermeasures
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