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Why should you consider leaving a Will in UAE?

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It is not difficult to understand that in terms of a joint account, the deceased usually never leave behind written evidence or his/her last intentions. And thereafter, lack of evidence slows down the process of the courts who must spend more time to identify the deceased’s intentions.
Although this article includes the overall understanding of why should a non-Muslim individual in UAE must consider leaving a will, the focus is on the aspect of the survivor’s tell-tale of what they must go through without a will by the deceased.
Issues pertaining to Joint Accounts
UAE expats have faced hard time dealing with blocked UAE joint bank account due to the death of spouse and this happened due to the absence of a written Will. And lastly, the matter was resolved only when Dubai Courts transferred the monies but distributed the monies to their children on the basis of Sharia Law principle.
So, it is definitely advised that the act of writing a will or recording intentions is a very prudent step, especially in relation to how the individual wish for its monies in any accounts of which they were a joint holder and to pass such monies after death.
What are the factors to be considered while writing a Will?
  • Name the Executor who will be in charge of handling the estate of the deceased
  • The Will must cover what property is owned by the testator. This can include real and personal property, such as houses, immovable objects, bank accounts, stocks, jewellery etc.
  • Name the beneficiaries who will be inheriting the real and personal property.
  • Choose a legal guardian in case the testator has minor children
  • Will can include a provision detailing who should would be likely taking the responsibility of pets.
  • To protect digital legacy such as social media accounts, websites.
Writing a Will in UAE
DIFC Wills and Probate registry 
The DIFC Will service centre in Dubai, UAE enables non-Muslims to include their worldwide assets and properties under one single will. The DIFC Wills centre allows non-Muslims in UAE to formally register their wills (mostly English language), enabling the testator to choose to dispose its UAE or worldwide based assets as they deem fit.
Seek professional help in writing the Will
Writing a will is although not a daunting procedure, however, a carefully drafted will with full guidance and advisory of a good lawyer will make the process smooth and painless.

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