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Why consider setting up family office in UAE?

With the growing number of more and more wealthy families, such families are choosing to establish their family offices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi due to the region's expanding wealth and the UAE's continued growth as a regional financial hub.

The UAE has introduced a variety of single-family office licenses over the years in response to this development and to further boost it. It is now feasible to set up a single-family office and receive a family office license in a number of the UAE's free trade zones. These licenses enable families to engage in the entire range of family office operations, such as routine office work or more difficult tasks like wealth structuring, asset consolidation, and succession planning.

The construction of a family office in the UAE can also be a component of your family's foreign residency strategy, since the UAE simultaneously markets itself as a desirable location for wealthy international families to relocate to. We go into more information about the family office licenses in the UAE below.
Where to set up family office in UAE?

In the following three free zones, a single-family office license can be acquired if you choose to create a specific organization for your single-family office in the UAE:
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)
What are the reasons to choose Dubai?
  • Dubai is a global hub with increasing passengers in millions passing through each year.
  • Has a currency that is tied to the dollar and has a highly competitive tax structure along with excellent financial resiliency and economic foundations
  • Independent, forward-thinking federal and local government bodies with respectable courts and a strong legal system.
  • Leader in the world for managing emergencies and COVID-19 pandemic resilience.
  • Leading telecom infrastructure used by all significant tech and digital corporations.
How Freemont Oneworld Group can help you?
We provide multidisciplinary private client services that are specifically tailored to meet their demands. Whether its estate planning, property management, or trust administration, we can work with you to set up your affairs in the most secure, flexible, and uncomplicated way possible. But we always start by getting a sense of your priorities and goals. We mostly provide family office services to wealthy individuals and company owners in the UAE who have assets there.
Please contact us for a consultation to know more.

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