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Holders of residency visas living abroad for more than six months can now apply for a re-entry permi

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UAE residents who leave the country for longer than six months may now apply for a permit to enter again. Such residents may need to provide documentation to support their claim and must give a justification for their prolonged absence from the nation.

On the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) website, residents can submit an application for the service. 

The procedure for obtaining approval must be followed by residents. This is accessible through the ICP's e-channels. Only after receiving an email from the ICP approving the request may the applicant enter the country again.

If a resident has been away of the country for 180 days, residency is usually automatically revoked. However holders of Golden Visas were an exception to the rule. They are permitted to stay abroad for as long as necessary without it affecting their resident status.

The recent revisions to the visa and residence systems include a number of others, including the new entry permit system. Visitor visas can no longer be extended inside the UAE; instead, holders must leave the nation and return with a new visa. Additionally, the ICP recently standardized the penalty for overstaying a visa in the nation. Additionally, anyone with visitation or tourist visas must pay a higher charge, and people with resident visas who overstay them must pay a double fine.

In the month of October 2022, the UAE implemented its most significant entrance and resident visa amendments. The changes affect every facet of residency, including an extended Golden Visa program, a new five-year Green residency, a five-year tourist visa with multiple entries, and entrance permits for job searching.

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