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Why should you invest in leisure vessels in Dubai?

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In the UAE, it's not uncommon to see cars towing private boats down the roadways. The waters off the nation are quite crowded, especially on the weekends when locals and visitors set sail for an enjoyable evening.
Experts claim that there is a new crop of buyers for recreational boats who are, on average, 15 years younger than they were 20 years ago and less likely to come from families who own boats. Millionaire millennials are trying to buy boats in greater numbers.

What do the residents do with boats?

There are two main applications for leisure vessels among UAE citizens: either they own yachts that are used for social or familial gatherings, or they own boats that are used for fishing or brief excursions just offshore.

A license from the Dubai Maritime Authority is required to operate a boat, and prospective boat owners must first complete marine craft training at accredited sailing academies. Owners also need to be insured and registered with the appropriate authorities.

The size of the boat will determine how it is parked. Most marinas have fuelling facilities on-site for maintenance and refuelling. A boat owner must also perform regular maintenance and cleaning, the difficulty and cost of which are based on the size of the boat.
The maritime culture of the United Arab Emirates has seen a significant evolution over time, moving from trade to pleasure, and it is still expanding to offer a wide variety of watersports. With some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, Dubai is strategically positioned as a gateway to billions of people from across four continents.

The city continues to draw private boat/yacht owners from all over the world because to its top-notch local infrastructure and closeness to numerous tourist hotspots.

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