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Dubai unveils Remote-working Visa Programme

出版物 / 文章 / 2020 / Dubai unveils Remote-working Visa Programme
Dubai has launched a programme to entice remote working professionals to relocate to Dubai whilst carrying out their remote work with existing employers.

This virtual working visa programme seeks to attract working professionals who may be interested in Dubai’s reputation and image as the place to be in the Middle East, due to its stable political environment, conducive economic environment, well-developed digital and physical infrastructure, high standards of living, as well as being the standout regional commercial hub within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This newly launched programme seeks to attract white-collar professionals to Dubai to take advantage of all Dubai has to offer whilst fitting into the new normal of remote work.

The criteria for Dubai’s Virtual Working programme is as under,

1. Application fee of USD 287 plus processing fees
2. Passport with minimum 6 months validity
3.  Health insurance with UAE coverage
4a. Employment proof with 1-year contract validity, with a minimum salary of USD 5000 per month
4b. Company ownership proof, with average monthly income of USD 5000 and previous 3 months’ bank statements
5. Previous month’s salary payslip, and previous 3 months’ bank statements
What does this mean for applicants?

Despite Dubai promising a tax-free salary, applicants should also take note of certain nuances in their respective circumstances, such as whether your country have a tax agreement with the UAE; or if you need to declare and fulfill your existing tax jurisdiction’s criteria for non-resident status, amongst various other factors that may impact you depending on case to case.

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