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The UAE approves new five-year tourist visa and remote work visa for digital nomads

出版物 / 文章 / 2021 / The UAE approves new five-year tourist visa and remote work visa for digital nomads
On March 21, 2021, the UAE Cabinet has approved a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa for all nationalities. A new remote work visa was also approved during the Cabinet meeting.

These new visa options offer opportunities for the growing army of remote workers and digitals that travel the world and are looking for a tax-free base.

The multiple-entry toursit visa

The multiple-entry tourist visa will be valid for five years under self-sponsorship.  The five year tourist visa will allow individuals to enter the UAE several times on self-sponsorship and stay in the country for 90 days. This can be further extended for another 90 days subsequently.

The new visa scheme was approved to strengthen the UAE’s status as a global economic capital. The approved new visa scheme will also attract more investors and professionals as Sheikh Mohammed said that UAE aimed as a major 'global tourism destination'.

A new remote work visa

A new remote work visa was also approved. This will enable employees from all over the world to work and live remotely from the UAE irrespective of where their companies are based.

A residence permit will be issued for all professionals remotely working overseas and the same will be valid for one-year under self-sponsorship.

The one year visa will allow foreign individuals to come to UAE and work according to the terms and conditions of their visa. This new scheme will promote the public and private sector and enable employees to develop their skills and get accustom to the emerging gig economy.

The working professionals will be able to relocate to Dubai along with their families while at the same time continuing to work remotely for their overseas employer. This relocation program can be renewed every year and includes medical insurance with valid UAE coverage.

Once in Dubai they will have all the same benefits as the local expatriates including access to local communications networks, utilities services and schools for their children. The individuals will also get the advantage of UAE’s zero income tax policy.

Who can apply for the new remote work visa?

The persons must meet the below criteria to be eligible for the programme:
  • Have a passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Have health insurance with UAE coverage
  • Have proof of employment from current employer with at least one year contract validity, a minimum salary of USD 5,000
  • Payslips
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Proof of ownership if application is owner of a company

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