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What is a Virtual Office?

The virtual office is a combination of off - site live communication and address services that allow entrepreneurs to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. A company can operate with a ‘virtual office’ and significantly reduce operating expenses.

Virtual Office is an efficient solution for entrepreneurs who often travel and do not require physical office or do the work from home but need a city identity. In the UAE virtual office refers to specific meanings.

As per UAE law, mainland companies need to acquire a physical address and a real office. Hence there is no option for a virtual office for mainland companies. Free zone companies are also required to rent a physical office space within the free zone when the corporation is registered. However, free zone companies, as well as offshore companies, may operate with a virtual office. In free zone virtual office can mean a real shared office space, which is not occupied for the entire day.

In case the investor does not require an office, the company can operate with a flexi desk or a virtual office. Although different free zones have different titles for office space, in most of the free zones virtual office means a flexi desk, which i nvestor can use for about 4 hours a week depending on the free zone. Moreover, it can be used as a mailing address. 

One of the convenient options with a flexi desk (virtual office) is Fujairah Creative Free Zone. The free zone is an excellent choice to register a company for many freelancers, consultancies as well as media companies that do not require a physical office.

With regards to offshore companies, virtual office means the mailing address. With growing businesses and developed infrastructure, Dubai has become a city identity for many business owners around the world. With offshore company virtual office is an excellent option to get a virtual presence in Dubai. By getting a mailing address, the company can use the address for bank application fo rms, invoices, contracts, and documents. As part of the virtual office, the company can obtain a telephone number as well as a fax number. For business owners opening an offshore company in Ras al Khaimah with the virtual office in Dubai can be an option i f a business person needs international company or simply would like to show their presence in the UAE. Having Dubai mailing address helps to improve the image of the company as well as having unique telephone number may widen your target audience and get more clients.

Virtual Office Services Mail handling:

  • Provision of shared postal address
  • Provision of premium postal address

Telephone numbers:

Freemont offers a company specific telephone numbers, which are linked to interactive voice response system (IVR). A caller to an IVR system will have the phone answered in the name of the company.

One of the following choices is available for configuration of the IVR:
  1. Caller is redirected to voicemail which forwarded automatically to client’s email;
  2. Caller is redirected to client’s mobile phone;
  3. Caller can be connected to Freemont’s receptionist who answers the phone in the name of the company and takes a message. The receptionist will then email the details of the person that called.

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